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In the mean streets of the Internet, fandom carries a gun. Off Topic Productions invites you into a whole new world where online communities have become Tron-esque cities, where moderators and forum trolls fight their endless battles with semi-automatic weapons, and where one man is about to find out that taking down cyberpunk conspiracies isn't all fun and games....

The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex is one of the most ambitious single player modifications ever created. Seven years in development, its features include 2 unique storylines — each with an average of 15 hours of playtime — over 50 non-linear levels, more than 70 characters, and over 14 hours of fully voiced dialogue. All of this is built on the classic Deus Ex mix of FPS and RPG action, and is now available for Deus Ex (PC) owners everywhere. Download it from .

"We're extremely excited to finally unleash this 7-year labour of love on gamers everywhere," says lead designer Jonas Wæver. "Even 9 years after its release, Deus Ex has few equals. We feel that we've succeeded in playing to its strengths, while still creating a unique, immersive new experience." Media Editor Dave Traeger, who played a pre-release copy of TNM, states, "To sum it up in one word: Amazing. It's a must-download."

About Off Topic Productions

Off Topic Productions is an independant development team with members in North America, Europe, and Australia. OTP's goal is to develop detailed and open game worlds with responsive, immersive narratives. The Nameless Mod is OTP's first release.

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TNM High-Level Summary

Executive Summary: The Nameless Mod ("TNM") is the largest mod in existence. With two distinct storylines comprising over 30 hours of gameplay, 200 unique characters, and more than 14 hours of voice acting, its development has been a giant undertaking. In production since 2002, TNM takes place in the virtual representation of an online forum, thrusting the player into a city in chaos. Surrounded by religious fanatics, evil corporations, and panicked citizens, the player must unravel the mysterious kidnapping of a powerful peace-keeper.

Plot: Chaos rules Forum City. A moderator has been kidnapped, cults are at war, and opposing factions all seek to gain ultimate control. Returning to the city after a two-year hiatus, ex-intelligence operative Trestkon is called upon to unravel the mysterious kidnapping and bring some semblance of order to the troubled city. Allies must be chosen carefully, and their trust earned. Will you join the existing government or side with an evil mega-corporation? Perhaps you will seek the wisdom of the cult devoted to The Great Goat or their bitter rivals, the worshippers of Llama? No matter who you choose, be sure to watch your back — not everyone is happy about your return....

People Behind the Mod: TNM has been put together by an international game development team called Off Topic Productions. Dozens upon dozens of people, from 5 different continents, have contributed to TNM, with a core team of only 3 people being involved throughout, and talented individuals contributing for various stretches of time. It is estimated that over 15,000 working hours have been invested into TNM, resulting in a product that the developers can be proud of.

Partial List of Features
  • 30 hours of gameplay split between two completely unique and parallel storylines
  • Amazing voice acting adding up to 14 hours of spoken audio
  • More than 200 unique characters
  • More than 4 hours of brand new music
  • Over 30 unique maps, ranging from city slums and caves to high-tech laboratories
  • 4 main endings and a detailed epilogue
  • More than 20 new weapons
  • Hundreds of all-new high-resolution models
  • Hundreds of readable e-mails, books, newspapers, notepads, and digital storage devices
  • Incredibly deep game world reactivity and player freedom
  • Strongly based on Deus Ex's highly praised core gameplay
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