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OTP Merchandise

Snag yourself some awesome Off Topic Productions merch! Currently, we have the TNM Official Soundtrack, 2 Cultic Tees and the physical DVD version of TNM with glorious case art. Spend for sweet justice! *

The Nameless Mod Official Soundtrack

  • 25 of the best tracks from TNM's original score, digitally remastered
  • Two CDs, each with original artwork both on their jewel cases and on the CDs themselves
  • Sold at manufacturing cost, $11.65 USD (Plus Shipping and Handling) through
  • (More Details / Order)
The Nameless Mod OFficial Soundtrack

The Nameless Mod DVD with Snazzy Case

The Nameless Mod DVD

Goat / Llama Shirts

Choose your allegiance with these Cultic Tees! Each shirt corresponds to a religious faction in the game, and comes in a variety of colours. In order to keep the costs down as much as possible but still offer top quality, we can only offer Goat shirts in dark colours and Llama shirts in light colours, but something tells me that they wouldn't be too pleased to be sharing colours anyway.

Goat Shirt

TNM Goat Shirt

Llama Shirt

TNM Llama Shirt
Goat vs. Llama: The epic battle continues...

Choose Wisely...

"Goats do rock"
- Despot from
"Shaggy Llamas. The shaggier the better."
- QuickSand from the Internet
"There is nothing more charming than a goat beard"
- OiNutter from the bathroom
"[Llamas] [are] very good. Definitely worth the price of [loving them]"
- Reviewer from The New York Times
"Uh... Neither..."
- Jacob, A Really Stupid Dumb Idiot
* Disclaimer: Justice may or may not be served by the purchase of TNM apparel or other merchandise.
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