The Nameless Mod

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is The Nameless Mod free?
A.Yes. 100% free of charge or intrusive advertising.
Q.What's the deal with the DVD?
A.TNM is available on DVD for those who either don't want to download a fat gig, or just want to hold some sexy packaging in their hands to commemorate their experience. Of course, making DVDs costs money, so we have to charge just enough to cover replication and shipping.
Q.How much does the DVD cost?
A.We're using to replicate the disks; they ship worldwide and we have yet to see any cost higher than $10 USD. You can check the price for shipping by going to their price calculator and filling out the options for a DVD with a DVD case (as of February 21, 2009, they report a $1.75 USD manufacturing cost and a $4.00 USD shipping cost for an order of 1 DVD).
Q.I don't want to buy the DVD, can I download an ISO?
A.Of course! We'll have the DVD image available on download mirrors alongside the normal compressed archive. We'll also have the disk and case art available so that you can create your own sexy packaging.
Q.Is there anything on the DVD that isn't included in the downloadable version?
A.The DVD release has some special bonus material that is not in the regular download, but this is just to keep the size down and it'll be available as a separate download.
Q.Does TNM run on Windows Vista?
A.Oh yes. The Nameless Mod has also been tested under Windows 7.
Q.Does TNM run on Linux?
A.Yep, you can run the Windows version on Linux using software like Wine or Cedega but you may need to install some Visual C++ runtime components.
Q.Does TNM run on Mac?
A.That depends — some of our new features are not compatible with the Macintosh version of Deus Ex, but if you are able to run the Windows version using software like Parallels Desktop, then you should also be able to run The Nameless Mod. Also, we haven't ruled out making a Mac-specific version eventually, but there are no plans to do so at this time.
Q.Does TNM work with the Steam version of Deus Ex?
A.According to our testing, yes.
Q.Does TNM work with the Direct2Drive version of Deus Ex?
A.Afraid not. So far, nobody has been able to determine exactly how the Direct2Drive version differs from the traditional retail version, so we have not yet found a way to use it with TNM.
Q.Does TNM work with any other Deus Ex mods?
A.Yes, but not all. We've successfully tested it with the Enhanced OpenGL Renderer (which will actually be included with our installer), The High Definition Texture Package, and New Vision. Unfortunately, it seems that there are compatibility issues with Shifter which do not render the game unplayable, but still might cause some problems.
Q.How long does it take to play through TNM?
A.The Nameless Mod has two completely unique, parallel storylines. You can expect it to take about 15 hours for either storyline, which could turn into about 20 hours for avid explorers.
Q.What are the system requirements for TNM?
A.Although the original Deus Ex was released more than 8 years ago, The Nameless Mod still has equivalent requirements. However, make sure that you have around 1 gigabyte of storage available for saves.
Q.On a scale from 1 to 10, how awesome are you guys?
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