The Nameless Mod

We Interrupt this Program to Flaunt Some Bling....

The ModDB Editor's Choice Award (2009)

The Mod of the Year Results Are In!

ModDB's Mod of the Year Awards for 2009 are now complete and TNM did not go home empty-handed! Most awesomely, The Nameless Mod was named Editor's Choice - Best Singleplayer Mod of 2009, which is certainly an achievement!

Also, TNM was voted for by enough players to reach 8th place for overall Mod of the Year, which is nothing to scoff at, considering the competition. However, if you check your Infolink, you will notice that your mission objective was to make it #1. Thus, while Pebbles gets to live, I'm afraid you do not get that 200 credit op bonus.

Don't worry, we're still friends, though. We're just the kind of friends who only give each other a card at Melkmas. That's certainly better than the kind of friends who might be tempted to murder and roast each other over an open flame, right?

But seriously, thank you to everyone who voted for TNM. We're glad you enjoyed it. If you did not enjoy it, and still voted for it due to an errant mouse click or a dimpled chad... urp, ugh. Sorry, I just threw up a little in the back of my throat. Nevermind.

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