The Nameless Mod


A lot of generous people have contributed to The Nameless Mod over the years, so in order to thank them, we've had to split the credits into more palatable chunks.

Special Thanks

Our Generous Sponsors
Bann Al-Jelawi
Mike Arthur
Heinrich Dietermayr
John "Dr. Dumb Lunatic" Hildyard
Riaz "NonKillingMachine" Khan
Ruben van der Leun
Tom Owen
David Piel
Erik "EER" Renes
Simon Ros
Jens-Ivar Seland
Dianna Wæver
Txomin Aranzeta Zumalde
For the best game ever created, and for releasing a toolset and ConEdit
ION Storm Austin
For their amazing work on Deus Ex and all their help
The High Definition Texture Package Team
For Implementing OGG format music support, and making UEd2 mostly work with Deus Ex
Hugh "Jim" Bailey
For The Enhanced OpenGL Renderer
Chris Dohnal
For the Custom Unreal Engine 1 Launcher
Sebastian "Hanfling" Kaufel
For recording over 500 Trestkon lines we ended up not using :(
Matt Watson-Howatt
For recording a veritable boatload of lines which later had to be cut :S
For additional 3D art
For a bunch of chair models from ZODIAC and Redsun 2020, and for all his tutorials
Steve Tack
For letting us use several of his models from The Cassandra Project
For letting us use the Narcissus logo (and the whole Narcissus Entity concept, of course)
Kieron Gillen and The Cassandra Project
For their own conversations
Chris the Cynic and walton simons
For his occasional (highly experienced) assistance
Yakedo from Redsun 2020
For the Golden Spork model
The Blessed Phantom
For a couple of cool text files
Mads "AEmer" Tejlgaard Olesen
For the use of several episodes of Twist and Got Ghand (and for being crazy)
Sam "Ghandaiah" Shapiro
For hosting us in the beginning
GameSpy Inc.
For contributing to the short story competition (we apologize for buggering it up)
All you short story writers who contributed

A special note of appreciation to everyone who wanted to contribute to The Nameless Mod, but lacked the time, skills, or equipment, and all of you who mailed us or posted on our forums to show your support.

All of this is for you! We hope it was worth the wait!

--The Nameless Mod Team

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